Swan Collection S006 Cream Blush Brush

Rs. 777.00 Rs. 1,577.00

The S006 - Cream Blush Brush is a versatile and essential tool for effortlessly working with cream products. Whether you're applying cream blush for a natural flush of color, sculpting your features with cream contour, or blending out concealer for a flawless finish, this brush has got you covered. Its specialized design and soft bristles make it perfect for achieving a seamless application with cream formulas, ensuring a smooth and even result. Not limited to just blush and contour, the S006 can also double up as a foundation brush, providing a flawless and airbrushed finish for your base makeup. Embrace the convenience and efficiency of the S006, and watch as it becomes your go-to brush for working with cream products, leaving you with a beautifully blended and radiant complexion every time.

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