Swan Collection S010 Flat Eyeshadow Blush

Rs. 577.00 Rs. 1,277.00

The S010 - Flat Eyeshadow Brush is a makeup essential that every beauty enthusiast needs in their arsenal. This brush excels at packing on pigments with precision, allowing you to achieve a beautiful pop of color on your eyelids effortlessly. Whether you're working with creams, liquids, or powders, the S010 performs exceptionally well with all types of eyeshadow formulas. Its flat shape and dense bristles ensure maximum color payoff, making it perfect for creating intense and vibrant eye looks. Furthermore, this versatile brush can also double up as a concealer brush, providing precise coverage and blending for any blemishes or imperfections. Embrace the versatility and efficiency of the S010, and elevate your eye makeup and concealer game to new heights.

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