Swan Collection S005 Angled Blush Brush

Rs. 777.00 Rs. 1,577.00

The S005 - Angled Blush Brush is a must-have tool for achieving a beautifully sculpted and radiant complexion. Its angled design allows the brush to hug the contours of your cheeks perfectly, making it effortless to apply blush with precision and control. This brush isn't limited to just blush; its versatile shape makes it ideal for contouring as well, helping you add definition and dimension to your face. Additionally, you can also use the S005 for applying powder to set your makeup or achieve an all-over matte finish. The soft and fluffy bristles ensure a seamless and natural application, leaving you with a flawless and luminous complexion. With the S005 in your makeup collection, you can easily achieve that quick pop of color or a well-defined contour for a polished and radiant look.

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