Swan Collection S016 Cut crease Brush

Rs. 577.00 Rs. 1,277.00
The S016 - Cut-crease Brush is a game-changing tool for achieving that sharp and defined cut-crease eye look. With its small flat paddle design, this brush allows for precise and controlled application, making it effortless to create a clean, sharp line in the crease of the eye. It's the perfect brush to use with concealer for carving out a well-defined crease or achieving a flawless base for eyeshadow. Moreover, the S016 is incredibly versatile, working seamlessly with cream, powder, and liquid products. Whether you're a makeup artist or an everyday makeup enthusiast, this brush is your go-to for achieving a polished and professional cut-crease or perfecting any concealer action your heart desires. Add the S016 to your collection, and watch your eye makeup looks reach new levels of artistry and precision.

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