Swan Collection S014 Pencil Brush

Rs. 577.00 Rs. 1,277.00
The S014 - Pencil Brush is a versatile and essential tool for accentuating your eye makeup with precision. Its slender and pointed shape allows for effortless highlighting of the inner corners of your eyes, creating a bright and luminous look. Additionally, this brush is perfect for blending out eyeshadows along the lower lash line, adding depth and definition to your eye makeup. Its fine bristles ensure a seamless and soft blend, achieving a polished and professional finish. But the versatility doesn't stop there - the S014 is also a great option for spot concealing, allowing you to target and cover blemishes with accuracy. This brush is a go-to for makeup artists and enthusiasts alike, providing endless creative possibilities to enhance your eye makeup and achieve flawless, detailed looks.

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